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Satellite Mode is an indie pop band from New York. Founding members Jessica Carvo [vocals] and Alex Marko [instrumentation, production] first met in a songwriting session after pursuing solo careers. Together, they found mutual confidence from experimenting with each other’s strengths; Jessica flourished as a powerhouse singer, whereas Alex's classically trained ear brought structure to the off-kilter soundscapes that the band was creating. 

“When people hear us, I’d love for them to get that feeling in their stomach music can evoke,” Alex leaves off. “A lot of our art is about overcoming tragedy or changing your life around. It could hopefully be motivating.” 

Together, the band brought a mélange of booming emotionally charged vocal sorcery and hypnotic sonic backdrops when they first entered the indie scene in New York. Without traditional promotion, their debut releases racked up over 3.5 million cumulative plays on Spotify, landed on the coveted Weekly Buzz and New Music Friday playlists, and crashed the platform’s U.S. and Global Viral Top 10. Early praise came from Noisey and other tastemakers as the band wowed audiences throughout the city since their 2016 arrival. 

Now with an EP and several sold out shows under their belt, Satellite Mode returns in 2018 with their newest single "Gave It All," a wondrous work of pop songwriting and electronic, alt-rock influences that asks the listener to reflect on their roots. Inspired by the socio-political climate and their own immigrant-driven city, the band felt compelled to create work inspired by their surroundings, and the stories being lived out every day in the streets of New York.

“I hope people feel everything a little more intensely,” concludes Jess. “My favorite musicians make me feel like I’m not alone in my thoughts and, in some way, speak a universal truth. I want them to have fun and feel a sense of connection. We're all not so different from one another."