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Satellite Mode is an indie alternative band based in New York City created by founding members Jessica Carvo and Alex Marko. The two met at a songwriting session, in a tiny make-shift bedroom studio, where they found themselves writing songs and experimenting with sounds for the better part of a year, often using the sirens blaring from the streets in their recordings.

The band entered the New York scene as independently as independent gets. Handling all aspects of releases on their own and without any traditional promotion, their debut singles racked up over 4 million cumulative plays on Spotify, landed on the coveted Weekly Buzz and New Music Friday playlists, and crashed the platform’s U.S. and Global Viral Top 10. Early praise came from Noisey and other tastemakers as the band wowed audiences throughout the city since their 2016 arrival. 

Now with an EP and several sold out shows under their belt, Satellite Mode returns in 2018 with their first single of the year and their first track to receive Sirius XM radio play, "Gave It All", a wondrous work of pop songwriting and electronic, alt-rock influences that asks the listener to reflect on their roots. Their latest single “Terrified” (as heard on the MTV Movie Awards) was released in July 2018.

The band will continue to release music and tour with GUSTER throughout Fall 2018. They promise to continue experimenting in the studio until they fully become mad scientists.