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"What caught our ear with “Aphrodite?” Well, there are Jess’ ethereal vocals, which carry equal parts finesse, range, and power....  the backdrop for those lyrics is equally impressive, bringing a myriad of fluttering synths, booming percussion, and softly strummed guitars, all of which create an expansive soundscape. Seeing as how this is just the second song from these two, you have the unique opportunity to get onboard early. We highly suggest you do so."

Wonky Sensitive 


Press Play

"On their second track Aphrodite... Jess courses through the track with the confidence of the eponymous goddess herself."




"It’s a blissful seventh heaven number characterized by multi-instrumentalist Alex Marko’s effervescent arpeggiated synths shimmering through the ether, epically reverberated boom clap beats that cut through the haze, and Jess Carvo’s mellifluously creamy vocal line that acts as our guide..."